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we are

the guidance and education that your gut is calling for.

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have you ever wished to find someone to help you knockout obstacles and build up your signature? well, you found us.

we are a group of persistent, obsessed and no-fluff ux people, who have learned it the hard way. here is a bit of our story.

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some of us started on the corporate side

we learned a lot about the role of ux within organisations, developing relationships within departments, across departments and countries. also, to develop influence, team processes and much more...

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we’ve ventured in the agency world

here we’ve learned to speed, excel at pitching and endure long work hours. we’ve learned to care about our clients, develop strong relationships with them - gateways for future opportunities.

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we had a taste of the startup business

we’ve known the excitement of creating something new, the fear of failure and the creativity with which to solve unexpected problems. we’ve seen how ux can help the business strategy and how it’s all interconnected.

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we've also joined the teaching community

and we loved it. it’s great to see students pumped up some time after entering the room half dead. and it’s even better to see their evolution. however, we found that there is no good substitute to learning on the job.

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then, we all tried consultancy...

and our minds exploded! it is a mix of the best parts from all worlds combined - we help clients achieve their goals, we start new things, we teach and help professionals grow and sometimes we are involved in the strategy.

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and now we’ve created serial hero

along our journey we’ve met many ux professionals, juniors, mid-levels and seniors, who struggled one way or another - just like we did. after so many years, we noticed we had a great deal of knowledge engrained in each one of us, lessons learned, victories and defeats, bravery and stupidity, which was a shame not to share it with the world, and help others on their conquests.

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the secret weapon - what you need know to materialize your master plan. follow your thirst!

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