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education partner

students trust you to upskill them.
trust us to help you on it.

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let's join forces to help students transition into industry and continue to learn & grow. this synergy can be designed alongside you.

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tailored partnerships

serial hero is keen on shaping customised collaborations with schools. whether it is an affiliate program, an alliance, a referral or other, we will design the most suitable partnership program with you. you win, we win, this is our motto.

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industry awareness workshops

if you are a design or technology-related school, your students might want to know about the work of a ux designer. we are happy to provide a workshop where we share our professional experience, so that they are aware of their future options.

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portfolio reviews

an outstanding portfolio can open a lot of doors. reviewing and giving feedback takes time and demands resources that schools may not be able to provide. we love to help people get started on their ux journey knowing how to setup a winning portfolio.

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mock interviews

the first round of interviews can be intimidating for graduates. what better way to start then by preparing for the real ones with someone who has interviewed countless juniors before? our experience interviewing on the job will certainly help them nail their first job battles.

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part-time courses

are you looking for a partner to collaborate on your curriculum? would you like to enrich the course program with industry-based experience? or design a specific curriculum for you? either way, we can help you to strengthen your offer.

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ux consulting

we’re eager to help you deliver the best experiences to your customers. find out how we can collaborate.

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